ANOTHER Great TicWatch Pro 3 Update!

Following the recent Wear OS update for the TicWatch Pro 3, which gave us some handy new features, Mobvoi has pushed out another firmware update for the watch, offering some additional improvements.

Our favourite of these new tweaks is the ability to turn off Tilt to Wake for the Essential Mode backlight. Having a backlights for Essential Mode is a great improvement over the previous versions of this watch, making the LCD screen much more readable in the dark.

The only problem was that before this update the backlight would automatically turn on every time the watch’s movement sensor thought you were lifting your wrist to your face – and this means it would switch on a lot during the night as you roll around in bed. Being quite bright, it’s very visible in a dark bedroom.

But now we can turn that feature off, and just tap the power button to turn on the backlight in Essential Mode. The option can be found in the Essential Mode app menu.

On top of this there are a few other welcome upgrades in the new firmware update:

  • You can now change the format of the date displayed in Essential Mode
  • The watch can now play a sound when you get a new notification
  • Tilt-to-Wake speed has been improved by about a quarter of a second
  • Scrolling smoothness and general interface responsiveness has been improved
  • Pairing speed has been improved for Android smartphones