Is Mobvoi a Good Brand?

It’s a completely understandable question. Maybe you’ve seen a Mobvoi product on sale, like a smartwatch or some Bluetooth headphones, and the specs look good but you’ve never heard of the brand before.

Amazon is awash with unknown Chinese brands selling cheap clones of products from big-name tech companies. So the question is obvious; can you trust the Mobvoi brand?

My opinion is yes, Mobvoi is a good quality brand that you can trust, and in this article I’ll explain my reasons for that.

I use Mobvoi Brand Products

First of all, I’ve owned five separate Mobvoi products, so I have my personal experience as a customer and user of the company’s devices to inform my opinion. The products I’ve owned are:

  • TicWatch E
  • TicWatch Pro 2020
  • TicWatch Pro 3
  • TicPods 2 ear-buds
  • TicKasa ANC noise cancelling headphones

I have found all of these products to be well built, reliable, and on a par with similar devices from better known consumer electronics brands.

The TicWatch Pro 3, in fact, is probably the best Android Wear smartwatch currently on the market (just check out the reviews in the mainstream technology press) so in some regards Mobvoi isn’t just matching better known tech brands, it’s actually leading the way.

I currently wear my TicWatch Pro 3 daily, and love it. I also use the TicPods 2 and TicKasa ANC headphones a lot, and they’ve never let me down.

Given that Mobvoi brand products are often sold at a far lower price than similar devices from better known brands, they’re great value because you get a lot of tech for your money. I’ve got no concerns over quality – they’re physically well constructed, and the underlying tech works exactly as expected with no reliability issues.

Tech Experts Rate Mobvoi Products

OK, so this is just a small blog from a Mobvoi-fan, I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it. But if you take a look at reviews of Mobvoi products (especially the TicWatch range) in trusted tech publications, you’ll see they consistently perform well.

Some examples of positive press coverage for Mobvoi products:

These are just a few examples. While it’s fair to say that not every Mobvoi product always gets a glowing review (which brand doesn’t occasionally miss the mark?) generally speaking the brand gets above average, positive reviews.

But it’s not just the tech experts who are positive about Mobvoi – take a look at the Amazon customer reviews for any of the company’s products and you’ll see good feedback from people who have bought them.

Mobvoi Has Serious Talent and Investors

The final point I want to make about whether Mobvoi is a good brand that deserves your trust, is that you need to look at who’s behind the company and who’s funding it.

Mobvoi was founded in 2012 by Zhifei Li, who has a PhD from John Hopkins University in natural language processing, machine translation, and machine learning. He formerly worked at both Google and Microsoft.

The company’s Chief Technology officer is Mike (Xin) Lei, who previously worked on high-end speech recognition platforms for both Google and Microsoft. The VP of Engineering at Mobvoi is Mei-Yuh Hwang, a research scientist who also worked at Microsoft, on speech recognition and language technologies.

So, the core leadership team at Mobvoi are serious computer scientists with experience at some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that Mobvoi is backed by some serious tech industry heavyweights, with investors including venture capital fund, Sequoia Capital, and search giant, Google.