Mobvoi Hires European PR Agency

The public relations industry bible, PR Week, recently reported that Mobvoi has hired a PR agency for its European business, specifically covering the UK, France, Germany, and Poland. The agency, Ranieri, is well established, with long experience in consumer tech brands, and clients that include Canon, Motorola, Asus and Nvidia.

Typically businesses like Mobvoi hire PR agencies because they want to get better visibility for their brand in the media, which can include product news and reviews, and to help position the brand as a desirable logo for consumers. It’s a good sign that the company has lots of interesting new things planned, and wants an agency to help get the media talking about those plans.

It’s a move which makes a lot of sense. While those of us in the know already understand that Mobvoi offers some great products and technologies, it’s still not what you’d call a household name in Europe. I think my TicWatch Pro 3 is one of the best smartwatches on the market, and people are often impressed with the design and features when I show it to them, but when I mention the manufacturer’s name they usually assume that Mobvoi is just a low-quality brand producing cheap clones of Apple or Samsung products, rather than a market leader in its own right.

This is exactly the kind of problem that a good PR agency can solve, by securing positive press coverage about the company and its products, so that more people are aware of the brand and what it stands for.

What does this mean for current TicWatch/TicPod owners and fans of Mobvoi? It shows that the company is serious about establishing itself as a force in consumer tech, which has to be good news for us. Hopefully we’ll start to hear more regularly from Mobvoi and get regular news about its future plans.