New Mobvoi TicWatch Pro S Launched

Mobvoi today announced the launch of an upgraded version of the TicWatch Pro 2020 (which was itself a minor upgrade of the original TicWatch Pro).

This new variant improves on its predecessor by adding TicHealth 3.0 which offers a selection of sports and fitness oriented features including:

VO2 Max Measurement – to estimate the maximum consumption of oxygen while you’re exercising. It calculates this by tracking your heart rate against your pace, and it can be a useful metric for measuring your relative health.

Running Lap Counter – uses GPS to work out when you’re running around a park or track, and then automatically counts the laps for you.

Heart Range Indicator – gives you an easy to read measure of the range between your resting and max heart rate.

The new model also includes improved sleep tracking, stress level monitoring, and environmental noise measurement to warn when your hearing is at risk through prolonged exposure to loud noise.

While the physical design of the watch remains unchanged from the 2020 model, the user interface has been given a facelift. The underlying hardware remains unchanged, with processor, battery, and screen the same as its predecessor.

Some online sources are claiming this model features an upgrade from 4Gb to 8Gb of ROM (the memory used for storing apps and media), but at present the official product page and Amazon page both list it as 4Gb so we are waiting for clarification from Mobvoi.

The list price is approximately $40 less than the TicWatch Pro 3.

TicWatch Pro S at