Respected German tech website, NotebookCheck, has carried out some in-depth performance testing of the TicWatch Pro 3 and found that it delivers better results than competitors from major tech brands, Apple and Samsung.

NotebookCheck is known for its detailed technical reviews, often going into much deeper analysis than most consumer tech publications. In its review of the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and LTE models, the site carried out several technically rigorous benchmark tests on the application performance and battery life of the watch.

The findings show that in all respects, Mobvoi’s latest smartwatch model performs better than all other devices currently on the market, including the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

In its final verdict, the review says: “Thanks to GPS, LTE, and its extensive health-tracking settings, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 LTE is currently one of the best-equipped Wear OS watches.”

The TicWatch Pro 3 has recieved great reviews since launch, so Mobvoi probably hasn’t felt it necessary to discount the product so far.

But this week the company announced a small discount of $15 off the list price of $299, by using the code “GPSPERKS” on Amazon or on Mobvoi’s website.

It’s a relatively small saving, but if you’ve been waiting for the price to come down before you buy, this might be as good as it gets for the forseeable future.

Since the TicWatch Pro 3 is the first smartwatch on the market to use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, it’s likely to be in high demand for a while.

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