TicWatch Pro 2020 and Pro 3 Side by Side Comparison

Since I’ve just bought a TicWatch Pro 3, to upgrade from my TicWatch Pro 2020, I thought you might appreciate some side-by-side comparison photos so you can see how the newer model looks against the older one. Note – I do not get freebies from Mobvoi, and all of the products featured on this website are paid for with my own money.

Overall the TicWatch Pro 3 feels noticably lighter and less bulky on the wrist. The new all-silicone strap feels a bit cheap compared to the leather and silicone hybrid of the Pro 2020, but the upside is that it’s better suited for swimming – the old strap wouldn’t cope well with being submerged in water for very long. The good news is that the straps are interchangeable – I’ve kept my old leather strap from the 2020, and whoever buys it will get the brand new strap off the Pro 3.

You can read the feature and spec comparison of TicWatch Pro 2020 vs Pro 3 here.